19 May, 2021
A new reason to congratulate customers. Pharmacists, today is your day!

nother reason to congratulate our customers-those who are connected with the pharmaceutical industry.

18 May, 2021
The printing house "PECHATNYA" is again at the highest level! BRC certification passed perfectly.

Food packaging made of cardboard, primary and secondary, produced by our company, is absolutely safe. This was confirmed by the representative and the corresponding audit on the international food standard of the British Retail Consortium BRC.

7 May, 2021
Convenient addition. New folding system

The company "PECHATNYA" is known for its customer-oriented approach and every time it improves its production capabilities to meet the customer's needs.

19 March, 2021
THANK YOU to every Customer, happy holiday!

Every minute and around the clock, our company creates a unique product-cardboard packaging, which presents the manufactured goods of our Customers to the end consumer at the point of sale.
We certainly appreciate the trust of each Client, and we have more than 200 leading companies in the pharmaceutical, food, perfume and cosmetics industries.