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"PECHATNYA. Printing solutions" is actively engaged in the B2B sector. The company serves major manufacturers working in pharmaceutical, perfume, food and other industries.

Stages of work with us

  • 01
    Creating the technical specification
    Brief from the customer, the project idea in detail. The brief contains information on the requirements, technical parameters, project characteristics, materials, finishing and decoration. This is an instruction for the stage-by-stage execution of the order and for checking the work performed.
  • 02
    Agreeing upon materials
    Materials (cardboard or paper, foil, decor elements, varnishes, embossing) are selected in the process of project discussion. Together we look at what exactly fits the density of the future product, so that the finished package preserves the product, looks beautiful and efficient, and features attractive design and finishing.
  • 03
    Making and agreeing upon the drawing/layout
    The customer's idea is going to be embodied by our company designer. He is going to develop a packaging layout, make a drawing, and cut out a life-size model on a plotter (plotter pattern). The designer will offer several packaging options. At the selection stage (if necessary), dimensions and shape are corrected.
  • 04
    Signing an agreement, agreeing upon specifications
    Mutual obligations must be confirmed in writing. Our company's lawyers will arrange a standard agreement form and specifications for the forthcoming order.
  • 05
    Adaptation and design
    After agreeing the design of the box, the drawing is transferred to the customer for making the design layout. Typically big companies come with ready-made solutions or projects, which we refine. Yet, if it is necessary, our designers are ready to offer you creative solutions. At the stage of the drawing transfer we give technical recommendations on the imposition of inks, thickness of the fonts, embossing and convex. Technical aspects of the adaptation of the box to the capabilities of both the contractor's and the customer's equipment, are also important.
  • 06
    Color proof or coloring. Adaptation to materials
    After agreeing the original layout, if it is in the CMYK system, a color proof with an imitation of the material color chosen by the customer, is made. If the Pantone system is used, then a dye is made. This stage shows the result of combining the layout with materials.
  • 07
    Agreeing a test sample
    If testing the packaging on the customer's automatic lines is required, we produce an experimental-industrial batch of cardboard packaging. Once the test samples are approved, we proceed to commercial production. If the testing is not required, we check and approve a plotter sample against the mass production material.
  • 08
    Ordering materials
    The optimal format for the cardboard/paper sheet is determined through the layout of packs/instructions on the sheet. A sales manager prepares an order for the purchasing department. We've got our own stock of standard materials, and if this is a special format (using foil, varnishes or special colors) - an order is placed with the cardboard supplier. Here it is necessary to pay attention to timeframes.
  • 09
    Ordering an individual stamp, an engraving
    Once the documents have been agreed upon, an order is made for the post printing equipment (stamp for cutting a box of the right size, or an engraving for the reproduction of text or illustration by embossing and hot-stamping, etc.). The delivery time of the stamp, depending on the collation, is up to 2.5 weeks. It takes 2 or more days to get an engraving, depending on its area and complexity.
  • 10
    Industrial production
    Once the stamp and engraving are obtained and absolutely all the necessary documents (specification, drawing, layout, color points, plotter pattern) are agreed upon, the order goes to print. Our company is engaged in the industrial production of printed packaging, instructions and self-adhesive labels. Print runs for these types of services and printing on tube laminate can be clarified with sales managers by phone in the section "Contacts".

Cooperation stages

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