Laminate Tube Printing

Since 2017, in addition to manufacturing cardboard packages and instructions, the company provides partners with a new service - printing on tube laminate.

Laminate Tube Printing


Tube laminate is distinguished by certain properties and special features. It is a modern multi-component high-tech material, and non-absorbent, compared to paper or cardboard. The material is produced by a limited number of plants around the world. «Pechatnya. Printing Solutions» uses high-quality laminate produced in large German and Chinese factories.

 The tube, like any other packaging, protects the product from the effects of the external environment. It is practically impervious to oxygen and water vapor. The gas permeability index for the aluminum barrier layer is 0, and for the EVOH barrier layer it is 0.4 (cm3 per m2 per day).

 The outer layer is polyethylene, any quality full-color image with high resolution can be easily applied on it. The most important characteristic of the print quality is the lineature. Modern printing equipment can print on laminate with a lineature of up to 200 lpi (lines per inch). For example, printing of color magazines, as a rule, has parameters of 175 lpi. Thus, the image applied to the laminate is equivalent to the color rendition in a glossy magazine.

 Special paints and varnishes are used for printing on tubular laminate. Foil is used for finishing.Once all the processes are finished, the laminate looks very attractive.  Tubes are made from sealed tube laminate which are used in various industries - pharmaceuticals, perfume, cosmetics and food. For example, it is used for toothpastes, various creams, ointments, mustard, mayonnaise and other products.