Self-Adhesive Labels

The label today is at the height of fashion. The label is in-demand and highly convenient. It is a purchase motivator which conveys the brand's features. The label protects the product and introduces progressive technologies.

Description of the section " Self-Adhesive Labels"


In 2017 the company installed Gallus ECS 340 - a narrow-width 8-color printing machine with high register accuracy and quick change-over, equipped with new generation die-cutting and UV drying sections.  

Each of the 8 sections can be used for paint, varnish or embossing. During printing only UV-varnish (matt, glossy) is used; the application of varnish can be combined, and varnish with pigment can be applied. One-sided/two-sided printing (second printing in one paint, on the glue side). Manufacturing of label-books up to 2-3 pages.

Printing is carried out with UV-paints in rolls, then the printed semi-finished product is cut into bobbins (min 15 mm).  


The ABG OMEGA SRI 330 rewinding machine features FleyeVision quality control system, detecting printing errors with an area of up to 0.2 sq. mm.

The maximum width of the roll is 340 mm.Winding of finished products on bushings with a diameter of 40,45, 76 and 152 mm.

The length of the printed impression is: 298/305/330/381/508 mm.

The machine prints on paper, mono-films and multi-layer materials. The thickness of the printed material varies from 12 to 300 microns.