24 December, 2021

Order. What criteria are important for the client?

Order. What criteria are important for the client?

Basic: 1. Production of quality order and 2. In a strictly agreed time frame.

The strategic objectives of our company provide for work in these areas. This is the maximum reduction in time for the client from the placement of the project to the shipment and production of high-quality products. In our case, these are cardboard packages (bundles), instructions, labels, printing on tube laminate.

Recall that we work only in the B2B segment with factories and plants in the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumes, and the food market.

The power park of the company "PECHATNYA" is being improved every year, the equipment is being updated, the sites are being automated. In 2021, a balance has been achieved between production operations: pack printing, cutting of semi-finished products, folding-gluing. Blanks do not accumulate on the plots, but everything is thought out and planned for faster passage of the order and delivery to the client.

What exactly contributed to the improvement of the results?

The highest efficiency and speed is provided by the universal folding-gluing machine Expertfold 50 new, the installation of which took place before the New Year holidays. And as the manufacturer of the equipment – the company BOBST - says, this machine allows you to produce "an impressive number of different types of boxes from a wide range of materials at speeds up to 450 meters per minute." At one point of gluing, the car accelerates more than 90 thousand boxes per hour.

Our Expertfold variant is even more unique, as it is equipped with two additional options that work simultaneously with the main function. One of them directly affects the quality of future packaging.

We will be in touch and follow the following news to find out which system on Expertfold 50 new is responsible for quality!