11 November, 2021

November 11th is quality Day, did you know?

November 11th is quality Day, did you know?

Today is quality day, did you know?

And this whole week goes by the same name.

The word "quality" includes many meanings, this topic is relevant for absolutely all manufacturers and each of us as consumers.

Regarding companies, "quality", if we are talking about products, the processes of its creation, is reputation.

Everyone knows the phrase: "We produce products with 100% quality." Behind these words lies the global work of quality structures, thanks to which the reputation of a responsible manufacturer is an increase in its customers due to trust, an increase in profits, a stable position in the market.

We tell you how in the company "PECHATNYA".

We not only produce products for the sake of our own business, but responsibly understand the further route of packaging to the end consumer, ensuring the effective passage of packaging on the lines of another manufacturer and a spectacular presence on retail shelves to attract the attention of the buyer.

Recall that our company produces cardboard packaging, instructions (inserts), self-adhesive labels for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics industry, food industry.

All the packaging we produce meets all the standards required for this type of product. Both on the part of each client and within our company.

The control system in our production is as follows: input control (upon receipt of raw materials), process control: on printing, cutting, folding-gluing + finishing operations and output: warehousing, storage and shipment to the client. Quality processes are improved, including on the basis of reviews and audits of each client.

By the way, when this post was published, one of our customers was visiting us with a check of all our processes. We are always glad to have such meetings, because live feedback is always effective! Employees of quality departments, happy holidays!

And if from history: World Quality Day was established in 1989 on the initiative of the European Quality Organization (EOC), which was supported by the UN. In 1995, the EOC announced the celebration of a whole week of quality - Quality Week.

On this day, it is customary to leave your feedback, thank those who do their work efficiently, with a soul!