1 February, 2022

Packaging with zero marriage. Anything is possible!

Packaging with zero marriage. Anything is possible!

Our company solves the issues of quality of manufactured products – packs, instructions, labels on a daily basis. Defect-free production is a trend, expensive and a significant competitive advantage.
Everyone who participates in the process of creating, for example, packaging, is interested in giving the customer products that will attract the buyer and give maximum sales.

Continuing the theme of strengthening the gluing area, we inform you that at the moment in the company "PECHATNYA", the only one in Russia, CIS countries and partly in Europe, 4 Accucheck modules have already been installed.

One of them (new) is optionally integrated into the new Expertfold 50 new folding-gluing machine before the new year. This solution makes it easy to extend the functionality of the production line without requiring an additional stage of quality control. As a result, the quality control of production is improved, and its costs are reduced.
What tasks does it solve? In addition to pharmaceutical packs, this Accucheck is able to control more complex packages, for example, cosmetic ones.
The program monitors the stability and accuracy of color detection, checks the text, regardless of its location and color.

The words "packaging with zero defects", speaking about this system, are vouched for by the equipment manufacturer itself - the BOBST company. We do not shift the responsibility at all to our long-term partner, but this is a fact.
Defective boxes are automatically removed from the line, which ensures 100% product quality control.

We accept orders (bundles, instructions, labels) from 100 thousand pieces of one type:
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