Pharmaceutical packaging

Medicinal products, dietary supplements, vitamins and other medical products must be sold in special pharmaceutical packaging.

What is pharmaceutical packaging?

Medicinal products, dietary supplements, vitamins and other medical products must be sold in special pharmaceutical packaging. Pharmaceutical companies use cardboard boxes for packaging. Their share in the total volume of packaging production is dominant. Features of pharmaceutical cardboard packaging:

Natural origin

Cardboard is considered an optimal solution for medical products since it is a natural material preserving the original properties of the product inside.

Ecological properties

The materials used for production do not contain harmful, toxic components, dyes that are prohibited for use, and do not emit strong odors.

Affordable cost

The low price and excellent performance characteristics make cardboard the No. 1 material for the production of packaging for all products, including medicines.

Protection methods

The product inside pharmaceutical packaging requires additional protection.

«Pechatnya. Printing solutions» offers different protection methods of pharmaceutical packaging at the discretion of the customer, so that it would not be possible to forge or copy such packaging.

Main protection methods include:

  • Braille embossing;
  • microtext printing;
  • embossing with micro hot stamping, multi-level hot stamping;
  • application of paints that are visible under UV light (can be used for encryption of elements, words or sentences);
  • application of pigmented varnish;
  • application of holograms in a given place.

Box-making technologies

Characteristics of the product inside the packaging are the main criterion taken into account in the production of boxes. The type of finished packaging is determined by its dimensions, properties, volume of instructions. After agreeing all the issues, the following steps are to be taken:

  • Preparation of a drawing;
  • Preparation for printing;
  • Makeup and assembly of the original layout;
  • Color proof printing;
  • Production of a large batch.

PECHATNYA's specialists attend to the development of the individual structure and packaging design taking into account the features of the products, or they can print the packaging according to a layout provided by the customer.

Packaging for pharmaceuticals must meet the following requirements: requirements and standards

Packaging for pharmaceutical products must meet strict criteria, otherwise the sale of the medical products may be prohibited by regulatory authorities.

        Dependable construction

The shape and assembly type of boxes must guarantee 100% protection of medicines against mechanical impact, which is especially important for glass bottles, and prevent dust and dirt from getting inside.

        UV Protection

Medicines are stored in a dark place, otherwise they can quickly lose their properties due to exposure to direct sunlight. For this reason pharmaceutical packaging is assembled from opaque materials. Cardboard is the best material for this.

Professional production of pharmaceutical packaging

«PECHATNYA» offers production of packaging from cardboard for any goods, including medical products. You can order pharmaceutical packaging of any shape that best suits your needs. New equipment, quality materials and many years of experience allow us to effectively handle the following tasks:

  • develop branded packaging;
  • do foil stamping in addition to full-color printing;
  • automatic folding of packages and liners;
  • print a large number of copies in short periods;
  • accept orders from any region of Russia and CIS countries.