Packaging for Medicinal preparations

Cardboard is a natural material with excellent characteristics. Ecological cleanliness and affordability makes it the main material used in the manufacture of packages for a variety of products, including medicines.

"Printing house" PECHATNYA "is engaged in the production of cardboard containers for medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements. Our products include packaging for medicines of different configurations, sizes and design. Boxes, issued by the "Printing house" PECHATNYA "are ideal for both promoting new products, and for maintaining customer interest in those already on the market.

To our customers we can offer cardboard of any density. The specialists of the printing house developed the design and construction of the product, taking into account the shape and weight of the goods placed in the box. We make every effort to ensure that our products meet all the requirements of our customers.

Features of packaging for medicines:

  • The design of the cardboard package for medicines should ensure the full protection of medicines against adverse effects of external factors, as well as microbial contamination.
  • For the production of packaging materials are used that do not contain any harmful impurities, banned dyes, toxic and carcinogenic components, and also do not emit intense odors.
  • In the production process, only opaque materials are used (to protect the content from sunlight).

Individual approach.

At the request of the customer, we can produce an exclusive box for medicines with security-colors. In addition, we manufacture packages with pearlescent, fluorescent and metallized inks.