Cardboard Packaging for Tea

Tea is highly appreciated for its rich aroma. Tea is packed in small boxes to preserve its aroma for a long time and to protect it from the air. Outer cardboard packaging for tea is a reliable protection from damage, as well as an effective means of sales

Cardboard Packaging for Tea

In the past, tea was considered a scarce commodity. Its expensive varieties were presented as a gift for the holidays, were associated with financial prosperity and well-being. Today, specialized departments in shopping malls and supermarkets offer all sorts and varieties of tea. While this product is no longer rare, it is highly valued by real connoisseurs. True connoisseurs of tea buy tea for themselves and as a gift. And in order to retain the product properties, flavor and richness and to make it look nice it is packed in a special quality packaging for tea.

Special Features of Tea Packaging Manufacture

Tea leaf must be stored in a particular way; it is sensible to a number of external factors. Therefore, this product is pre-packaged in special packaging that meets the following requirements:

  • Low vapor and moisture permeability (this figure should be no more than 1—3 g/m2 24 h, as tea is very hygroscopic);
  • protection against wind-burning and presence of minimum amount of air in the package (this allows to keep the original flavor of the leaves);
  • protection from direct sunlight (the leaves should not lose vitamins and become dry).

Exclusive Packaging for Tea on a By-Order Basis

Today more expensive varieties of tea, which are grown under special conditions, harvested by hand, have a delicious flavor and taste, are well represented in the market along with traditional teas. For these varieties of tea we offer traditional and gift cartons, which design and structure will emphasize the value of the product.

History of Tea Packaging

Tea became known in Russia in the second half of the XVI century. It was brought to this country from China and immediately became very popular among merchants and wealthy classes. At that time the product was packed in hanks — special wooden caned boxes. One such bundle could weigh 40—48 kg. More expensive varieties of tea leaves were delivered in boxes of tin and lead, which were also placed in hanks.

Traditional and Gift Tea Cartons in Large Quantities

Our Printing House produces various kinds of tea packaging made of cardboard. Cardboard packaging of any size and structure may be ordered in our company.