Packaging for Sweets

For the manufacture of such packaging use different types of carton: standard pulp, kraft with traffic or for recycling. The material is environmentally friendly and harmless to health, it is simple and easy to use, and provides scope for the designer fan

Packaging for Sweets

LLC “Tipografiya “PECHATNYA” is engaged in developing design layout, manufacturing and distributing cardboard packaging materials. You can order gift boxes for sweets, marmalade and other confectionery products.

Different types of cardboard are used for such packaging manufacture: ordinary cellulose cardboard, case-lined cardboard or waste cardboard. All these types of cardboard have quite low density – from 141 to 400 g/sq. m. This material is eco-friendly and harmless for health, it is easy-to-use and it gives free scope for designer’s fantasy.

Special Feature of Sweets Packaging Manufacture

  • Sweets are specific kind of products which implies presentable appearance of the packaging. That is why packaging manufacture uses most refined and up-to-date methods of finishing and printing.
  • Like any other food packaging, boxes for sweets should be manufactured of eco-friendly materials, harmless for human.

Bright and Colorful Packaging for Sweets

Our company offers wide circulations of cardboard gift packaging for sweets of high quality. We will design exclusive, recognizable boxes of original structure and design especially for you.

History and Interesting Fact about Packaging for Sweets

First gift boxes for sweets appeared in Russia in the XIX century. At that time they were called “bonbonierki” (from French word “bonbonniere” which meant “a box for sweets”). These boxes looked like elegantly finished cases, inner side of which was decorated with thin laces of paper.

We are also aware of some “outstanding bonbonnieres”, for example the bonbonnier of Suvorov’s army serviceman Yakov Mikhailovich Starkov. After the extremely difficult crossing of a snow-covered mountain pass, it appeared that Starkov’s troop was the only troop, which had not lost a single soldier. For this Suvorov solemnly presented him a silver ruble and 2 sweets in a blue box, which later became a more important decoration for Starkov, than any danglers.