24 October, 2018

PECHANTNYA has acquired 9 folding gluing machines

PECHATNYA Printing solutions has recently expanded its fold-gluing equipment park. Equpiment from the firm Heidelberg (Germany) equipment was launched today, this machine has become the ninth one of its kind in this field.

PECHATNYA is a large manufacturing site with exclusive equipment for automatic manufacturing control options from the leading international producers (Germany, Switzerland, USA, etc.). A distinctive production feature is a closed quality control system th guarantees premium quality of the finished product - a cardboard box. This has become possible thanks to large-scale re-equipment over the past few years.

In total, the company has installed and now operates: 8 printing machines, 7 cutting presses, 2 foil stamping presses, 9 folding gluing machines and 2 Accucheck modules.

One of the advantages of the new folding and gluing unit is that it is optimally suited for the production of pharmaceutical packaging, as well as of standard boxes in large batches.

Pharmaceutical packaging makes up about 47% of all the orders in PECHATNYA's portfolio. Food packaging (36%) is in second place, followed by perfumery and cosmetics (13%). Therefore, the acquisition of new equipment is one of the strategic steps of the company.