30 April, 2020


Agree on how important it is to release products within the time agreed by the customer! Do not inform about postponements, do not disrupt delivery and let partners down, but give them out just at the right time: just– in-time.
In our company, each stage of preparation and production of the main products – cardboard packaging-has passed the chain from the assessment of time and capacity resources to their optimization and automation.

Additional measures to the existing tools were taken in the planning Department. For example, orders should not be accepted on a single date, deliberately exceeding the capacity of the equipment, so that machines do not stand idle while waiting for materials to be ordered, in order to avoid misinformation of managers about the actual production dates.
Automation solves the problems of pre-planning and answers the question of whether it is possible to produce an order within the specified time frame, based on the working time of printing machines. Before planning, it is very important to correctly enter the number of copies, the complexity of work (upcoming finishes) and choose the right equipment.

Special system-automatic equipment reserve calculator:
- distributes orders by equipment, according to its capacity and accurately calculates the planned date of product release from the conveyor in real time;
- orders are accepted and planned only if all the necessary materials are available for production within the specified time frame; - any specialist can determine the stage for their order for the current day, without resorting to additional calls and emails, without distracting colleagues.
At the moment, the project of the automatic equipment reserve calculator is being tested in the working mode and is being finalized to perfect operation.
According to the approved regulations, in General, the time frame for the preparation and implementation of plans is observed.