6 April, 2020


Since April 01, our company has put the production accounting Department in a separate structure. Maria Grigorieva, an economist of the Financial and economic Department, was appointed head of the division.

The history of production accounting began in the company in 2012, when several dispatchers were hired and they "unloaded" the most important area of the entire production process – the gluing area.


In 2013, the dispatchers became part of the quality control Department and formed

shift production reports for the production of finished products in 1C.

Since every year our company's production grows, the volume of products increases and, accordingly, the requirements for shipments of finished products from Customers are tightened, a detailed production accounting is required.

To increase the level of accuracy of production accounting is the GOAL of the new structural division for 2020.

Employees of the Department will perform the following functions:

- monitor the compliance of incoming and outgoing volumes for orders at production sites in order to prevent loss of remaining runs until the next operation;

- keep records of the output of finished products at the last operation:

 inspection, quantity control, label compliance;

 delivery of the inspected products to the warehouse by scanning the pallets for subsequent acceptance by the warehouse.

- display labels: large and small labels;

- keep records of the movement of products in production: gluing-sorting – recycling;

- participate in testing new automation projects that affect the work of the division.