16 April, 2018

New lamination service in PECHATNYA

New lamination service in PECHATNYA

PECHATNYA's finishing section has added new equipment. At the request of customers, the company acquired ECO SYSTEM COSTROZIONI SRL (Italy) laminator. The launch of the machine was recently carried out.

Lamination is a post-printing process, during which a special film is applied to the product: matte, glossy or with textures. Such a coating protects the product against mechanical damage, dirt and gives a box made from ordinary cardboard a more presentable look.

Glossy film is more festive, as it transfers all the shades applied to the box. All colors look bright and juicy. It is difficult to distinguish the glossy film from the glossy UV-varnishing just from its appearance. Yet, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the box since this material creates glare.

Matte lamination does not have this feature. It is applied on premium packaging, which should look expensive. A cardboard box with such a coating gives a certain velvet-ness to the material and the image itself looks more expressive. If necessary, you can apply a selective high-gloss UV-varnishing on matte lamination.

Lamination with textures is used mainly for expensive packages, as with the help of relief one can emphasize certain details of an image.

ECO SYSTEM COSTROZIONI SRL laminator installed in PECHATNYA is distinguished by the following advantages:

- hot lamination of the printed material;

- maximum working speed is up to 50 meters/min;

- maximum lamination format is 760х1060mm.

Laminated cardboard is very popular nowadays. It is used in the food industry on cardboard packaging, substrates and shells. Lamination is used in perfumery and cosmetics to convey a design idea to the consumer.

In any industry, the use of laminated cardboard will help ensure that such cardboard packaging will be durable to all influences, as well as delighting the buyer with its appearance.