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Cartons for drugs are as a rule secondary packaging in which the blisters, tubes or bottles with medication are placed.

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Cosmetics and perfumes are packaged in boxes of various designs and structures.

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Packaging made of special food cardboard is used for transportation and storage of food products. It is absolutely harmless for health, resistant to moisture and grease.

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Cardboard is widely used for packaging, transport and storage of clothing and accessories. Textile, leather, fur and other goods may be placed in such boxes.

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Cardboard containers for industrial goods are a reliable way to protect them during transportation and storage, as well as an effective advertising tool.

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In the manufacture of gift wrapping the main emphasis is laid on its design.

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PECHATNYA Printing House has purchased a new High-Tech printing machine.

The idea has turned into the current technology due to the efforts of KBA (Germany) – one of the world-leading manufacturers of printing equipment

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PECHATNYA printing house has started to use the newly installed hot foiling Gietz (Switzerland) machine. About one and a half months passed from the bed construction to the press run

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Representatives of PECHATNYA printing house demonstrated a new level of the company’s development and told their present and future partners about the latest company news at the18th international exhibition Pharmtech & Ingredients. The event was held at Crocus Expo (Moscow) on November 22-25.

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Our mission in the area of quality is OUR QUALITY MUST MEET THE NEEDS OF ALL OUR PARTNERS.

Our motto: With the quality of products produced by LLC "Tipografiya "PECHATNYA" our customer will achieve success. The emblem must be the sign guaranteeing the quality.

The QUALITY POLICY pursued by the top management of our company is based on the implementation of the quality management principles set out in the International Standards ISO 9000.

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Services of LLC "Tipografiya "PECHATNYA"

LLC "Tipografiya "PECHATNYA" is engaged in manufacturing unique cardboard package. We offer a wide range of quality carton products for packaging of:

  1. Food Products
  2. Cosmetics and Perfumes
  3. Pharmaceutics
  4. Industrial Goods
  5. Clothes

You can also order wholesale supply of cardboard boxes for packing of gift items. All products are certified and comply with current hygiene and environmental standards.

We design and manufacture cardboard packaging materials that meet the highest requirements and allow to:

  1. Draw attention to the products, increase their sales and brand recognition
  2. Maintain the integrity of the goods placed in them
  3. Protect the product against counterfeiting


  1. The package may be of individual or standard construction (shape, configuration, dimensions).
  2. Full-color printing may be applied to the products (with the pre-print of color proofing). It is also possible to develop digital standards of brand colors.
  3. At our production facilities various types of decorations of boxes may be produced (coating with glitter, embossed, glossy, UV varnishes, hot foil printing, applying of Braille, tipping of PVC windows, etc.).

Advantages of Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard is a natural material. Items made of cardboard look aesthetically pleasing and tidy, keep the shape well and may be decorated in various ways. In addition, the processes of production, folding, filling and transportation of such containers are simple and economical, and it is often more profitable to order the wholesale supply of packaging from cardboard than from polymeric materials.

Doubtlessly cardboard is also the best material from the point of view of recovery and recycling. In present-day conditions environmental issues and protection of the environment play an important role, so the enterprises aimed at the development choose the cardboard package.

In our company a unique carton or gift wrapping may be ordered. Do not hesitate to contact us! We will make exclusive decoration for your products and help them to stand out.