Quality policy

Our mission in quality: «Our quality should match the needs of all our partners»

Our motto: «With product quality & PURPOSE» our customer will succeed. The emblem must be a sign guaranteeing quality.

The quality policy pursued by top management is based on the implementation of the quality management principles set out in the ISO 9000 international standards.

For the implementation of strategic directions, the enterprise management assumes the following obligations:

  • understand the current and future demands of consumers and exceed their expectations
  • direct the activities of the organization, create and maintain an internal environment in which employees are fully involved in the organization's tasks, make the most of their abilities
  • improve and analyze the management methods of organizational units when any activity and associated resources are managed as a process, and the organization & ndash; as a system of interrelated processes
  • constantly improve the organization's performance on the basis of a systematic analysis of the objective data obtained;
  • Develop and maintain a mutual benefit relationship with suppliers.

    The senior management who formulates and subscribes to the quality policy, assumes responsibility for implementing the quality policy provisions and allocating the necessary resources to achieve the goals.

    PEFC ST 2002 Certification: 2013

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    Quality policy