16 April, 2018

Instruction counter - another useful option

Instruction counter - another useful option

Pechatnya has made a new investment - a new option was introduced in the instructions section - B.Matic high-speed instruction counter (Italy, 2018). Treasuries in many countries use such equipment.

The machine counts the sheets in the package with a speed of 3,000 pieces/min. The laser scans the bundle and the sheets with a density of 40 up to 160 grams/sq. m., are counted physically one by one. A multi-system display allows the operator to make various settings. For example, a package can be divided into specified print runs and the program would insert sheet dividers into it.

We'd like to recall, that PECHATNYA's instructions section is a small printing house as part of a large printing complex with a full production cycle: starting from the customer's specifications, creating a layout, selecting and ordering paper, printing, cutting, folding before packaging and delivery to the partner.

The printing house provides services for the manufacture of instructions using the offset sheet printing method. This is a high-quality and fast printing of large print runs.

The most up-to-date printing equipment from world famous companies has been installed at the production facility:

Printing machine Heidelberg SM-74, 2+2. It is possible to print 4 colors in one pass or arrange two-sided printing 2+2.

Printing machine Heidelberg SM-74, 1+1. It is possible to print 4 colors in one pass or arrange two-sided printing 1+1.

Heidelberg lines SHTALL 6+1 and SHTALL 6+6 folding lines are manufactured in Germany. The minimum format of a fold is 24 mm, the minimum format of a blank is 140x180 mm, the maximum format of a blank is 360x560 mm.

One-knife cutters manufactured in Germany MAKSIM-115 (maximum cutting width is 115 mm), POLAR-137 and Eurocutter-1370 (maximum cutting width is 137 mm).

Automatic wrapping machine KALLFAST (Germany), semi-automatic wrapping machine Robopac ARIANE (Italy) and ATS (Switzerland) banding equipment.

In printing 45 - 65 gsm offset paper or 90 gsm matte coated paper is used.

At your request, we can pack instructions in shrink film with 195 gsm packing cardboard (or 0.8 mm/1.25 mm binding cardboard) on the top and bottom of the pack. Instructions are formed in packs (piles) from 500 to 1000 sheets. If necessary, you can order wrapping tape for packaging

And most importantly! Pechatnya Printing House's main specialization is the production of cardboard packaging, so you can order a complete set: packaging + instructions. Save time by placing an order in one place!