12 March, 2014

The time is coming when we become unrivalled!

In January "PECHATNYA" printing house signed a contract for the supply of unrivalled printing equipment!

This machine consists of 8 colour and 2 varnish sections.

And what's most important: we guarantee 100% printing quality!!!

On the basis of the latest developments of KBA AG specialists in automated inline quality control installed on new equipment, starting September 2014 we will be able to provide our clients with astonishing – 100% quality of offset printing!!!

The management of "PECHATNYA" printing house, like in the previous years, sees the company mission as follows: We strive to develop with you and help you develop. Buying the latest equipment is the best proof of that.

With the help of a highly qualified specialist of KBA AG, and a German engineer invited to install the machine, PECHATNYA printing house is going to quickly launch the new equipment and provide an efficiently training for employees who are going to work with it.

We are pleased to invite you to visit our printing house in October 2014 to get acquainted with the new equipment and its capabilities!