16 September, 2020


"Dry ice pellets bombard the contaminated surface" - exactly as it is written in the device's manual for cleaning equipment and
it's happening.
The system of the German company Kärcher, which was recently purchased, brought an obvious order to the areas of "PECHATNYA".

Components, parts and surfaces of printing and cutting machines are subjected to global cleaning during scheduled preventive repairs.
Dry ice pellets are fed into a jet of compressed air, accelerated to a speed of more than 150 m/s and attack contaminated areas.
A sharp cooling of the surface leads to thermal shock and to the appearance of thin cracks in the upper layer of the plaque.

A jet of compressed air enters the cavities, voids in the nodes and knocks them out pollution.
Dry ice jet cleaning does not require the use of any chemicals, does not leave waste water, is an environmentally friendly method and can be used in places where washing with water
forbidden or inconvenient, as we do.
Kärcher dry ice jet cleaning technology is a method of non-aggressive but thorough cleaning of tools and molds, surfaces and machines with minimal downtime.
And this is heaven and earth before the classic manual cleaning method, using a solvent and a spatula.
When using cryo-cleaning, you just need to collect dry dirt with a broom at the end of the work.