30 April, 2020


Let's talk about the Corporate code.
Do you have a Corporate code?
We have! But as a framed set of rules, it appeared recently – last year, and even in a beautiful cover. Over 20 years of working at PECHATNYA, unspoken rules, values and attitudes have been formed. Many of them were important to keep and pass on to new employees.
This is easy to do when the company employs five, twenty, or even fifty people. In large structures, the rules and values must be announced, officially fixed, and observed.

Following the accepted standards is necessary in order to work as a single team effectively for a high result.

It is for this purpose that the rules and values that are important for our company are enshrined in the Corporate Code.
Corporate Code:
- serves as a reference point for all employees. Thanks to the Code, each employee understands exactly what the company expects from them, what rules and standards are required to comply with;
- allows new employees to adapt faster;
- builds trust in the company from the outside. Internal discipline and team cohesion indicates the reliability and stability of the company in the market, its positive image;
- allows you to draw the employee's attention to what personal competencies they need to develop in order to grow further in the company, including on the career ladder.

As soon as the Code was issued, like any new phenomenon, it caused different reactions of employees: irony, lack of understanding "why it is necessary, everything is so obvious...".
But the majority of employees, as it turned out, support the standards and not only follow them themselves, but also pay attention to violations.
Our company is 20 years old this year, and we are developing dynamically. The number of employees and the volume of orders is growing, and their level of complexity is increasing. We work with major well-known brands on the market, both Russian and foreign.
All these positive changes oblige us to develop the Company's image, which consists of two components:
- external positioning. This is what our advertising and marketing work for.
- internal filling. Does what we position externally correspond to reality? Are orders being fulfilled efficiently and on time? Does the Company work as a single coherent mechanism?

The internal life of our Company should work to confirm the external presentation of itself to Customers and partners.

How about you?