10 July, 2020

Positioning on the market

What kind of communication - informational, visual-we give out to the world, this image will be for those with whom we interact, the target audience. These are our clients, partners, employees, present and future.
In 2016, "PECHATNYA" seriously thought about what status we are moving forward in business.
The task was to develop a corporate style of the "PECHATNYA" brand that corresponds to the strategy, which will reflect the scale, modern technologies, work in the B2B segment and international cooperation.
The changes affected the logo, slogan, and brand colors.
Today we will talk about color positioning. The main color solutions today are two-turquoise and dark purple.
Turquoise means: intelligence, striving for perfection, for something new, regularity, stability, intuition, confidence, communication, brings good luck and success.
Purple has a deep meaning, knowledge, versatility, stability, greatness.
In these associations, "PECHATNYA" today.