1 November, 2018

"PECHATNYA" means tasty production!»

"PECHATNYA" means tasty production! - this conclusion was made by 3rd grade students from the St. Petersburg 401 Kolpinsky district school during an excursion to our printing shop.

It so happened that cookies, candy, sour cream, and chewing gum packaging for our food industry customers was being manufactured on the conveyor belts during the visit to the company facilities. This is exactly what kids love.

Also, school teacher Tatyana Sadovnikova noticed that "PECHATNYA" has waste-free production, and explained to the children how important it is for the environment.

In fact, "PECHATNYA. Printing Solutions" only cooperates with cardboard and paper suppliers who strictly comply with environmental policy. That is, PECHATNYA's packaging is completely safe and is made out of cardboard that is manufactured from controlled wood. The latter means that all the forests that have been depleted for the production of cardboard are being restored. Five new trees are planted for every felled tree - the printing shop employees explained the term to the children.

Schoolchildren were shown how packaging is created, who designed it, how it is printed on, and what is needed for that. The full production cycle impressed not only the children, but also the parents accompanying the group.

To consolidate what they saw, the children took part in an exciting workshop on creating a cardboard piggy bank in the shape of a car. Some did it in a couple of minutes and showed outstanding design skills, while it took others longer to delve into the design process.

Some of the children said good bye and promised to come back here again, but as PECHATNYA's employees. Each employee of the printing shop, not just the children, got charged with positive emotions.