10 October, 2016

«PECHATNYA» gets eCon sheeting machine

Following its production expansion plan "PECHATNYA" printing house has added new equipment to its machinery fleet.

ECon 1650 DUALROTARYA sheeting machine was installed in the cardboard and paper unwinding section. The machine was manufactured by BW Papersystems (USA). The company combines seven of the most powerful global brands of paper and paper converting industry, and offers market-leading solutions for unwinding and cutting paper, cardboard and other large and small format materials into sheets.

eCon model MarquipWardUnited sheeting machine is the world-class equipment and best solution for high-speed offset presses. This equipment with the production capacity of 18000 sheets per hour - Rapida 106 (8) Rapida 106 (6) Rapida 105 (6) - is installed in "PECHATNYA".

The new equipment features the most progressive knife-type technology of cross cutting with two rotating blades capable of cutting 1000 g/m² material with the best quality, an electronic control system for high precision cut at maximum speeds and safe and easy one-person configuration.

According to BW Papersystems specialists, eCon sheeter has an advanced PC-based control system. The interface has clear functionality and advanced screen-displayed diagnostics. The equipment is connected to the Internet that allows the MarquipWardUnited service team to connect remotely to any machine.

The dual rotary eCon1650 machine is the most advanced sheeter designed over the past 25 years. MarquipWardUnited by BW Papersystems has gained a worldwide reputation in the sheeter segment due to more than 450 machines operating worldwide, ceaseless support of spare parts and 24/7 customer service.

In the next few months "PECHATNYA"’s machinery fleet is going to be significantly increased. The company will install another BW Papersystems (US) sheeting machine - a dual rotary eCon 1650 and a new high-speed printing machine Rapida 106 (6) Universal. A flexographic facility - printing of self-adhesive labels and printing on tubal laminate is going to be put into operation.