22 March, 2017

OUR NEW EQUIPMENT: New Additions to Unwinding Facilities

OUR NEW EQUIPMENT: New Additions to Unwinding Facilities

«PECHATNYA» has upgraded the company's sheeting and unwinding section with the new  ECon 1650 Dual ROTARY sheeter. In early March, the sheeter was brought to its full capacity


The test mode, which preceded the aforementioned event, lasted for about 8 weeks. The company's employees together with the supplier’s representatives perfected on-site increase of operating speeds. Once the required parameters had been reached, the sheeter was brought to its full capacity.    


High unwinding speed is a priority for the company, since «PECHATNYA» Printing house operates high-speed offset printing machines processing up to 18000 sheets per hour: Rapida 106(8), Rapida 106(6)universal, Rapida 106(6), and Rapida 105(6) processing up to 18,000 sheets per hour. ECon model is a world-class sheeter and is the best solution to comply with these requirements.


The sheeter is equipped with the industry's most advanced blading technological solutions - dual rotary direct drive knife from MarquipWardUnited - ensuring 1,000GSm cutting capacity.  The electronic control system provides high cutting accuracy at maximum speeds. It features user-friendly settings and is easily operated by one person.

Now, the paper and cardboard unwinding section features the three machines:

- two eCon 1650 Dual ROTARY systems. Supplied by BW Papersystems (USA).

- Astrocut II 1450-2 (Turkey).


It was decided to divide the functions of the machines. US equipment is going to be used for cardboard unwinding only, while the Turkish sheeter will be used for paper processing.