16 March, 2013

LLC "Tipografiya "PECHATNYA" was the FIRST COMPANY in the Russian Federation that received PEFC and FSC Certificates

LLC "Tipografiya "PECHATNYA" is pleased to announce the successful completion of the certification process for compliance with the standards and the receipt of certificates:

FSC-STD-40-004 FSC Supply Chain Standard for Companies Supplying and Manufacturing FSC-Certified Products

and PEFC ST 2002:2010 Supply Chain for Forest Based Products.

FSC supply chain is the information on the way that products pass from wood or in case of recycled materials from the recycling place to the consumer and that comprises all the successive stages of processing, transformation, production, storage and distribution, where the transition from one stage of the supply chain to another involves a change of ownership.

The overall aim of PEFC supply chain is to provide the consumers of forest based products with accurate and reliable information on the content of the material made from PEFC certified sustainably managed forests or from recycled materials.

Certification body is «Bureau Veritas Russia»