7 June, 2021

It's hot outside and it's also hot here!

It's hot outside and it's also hot here!

We check team effectiveness for strength and endurance. The heads of the Printing Company's divisions, outside the working context, for two days deduced the pros and cons of the company, looked for resources to improve performance, and defined the boundaries between personal and team responsibility.

And they also immersed themselves in non-standard tasks, threw ideas and deduced solutions. It turned out sometimes not immediately and for a long time, hypotheses were repeatedly tested, the result was completed and thus they learned to build strategies.

In any case, the experience and competence of one professional is good, team decision-making, synergy allows you to work out the issue deeper, see a different point of view on what is happening, gives you the opportunity to enrich yourself with new information from other people.

As a result, we got a plan for achieving goals, each unit has its own and common for the whole team.

The main task after the training is to be able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice and involve the staff. Time will tell how useful meetings of the strong are outside of work, but it's about her.