22 February, 2018

Forest recertification has been passed!

Forest recertification has been passed! 

Pechatnya. Printing solutions has successfully passed the recertification for compliance with the requirements of PEFC ST standard Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products - Requirements.

This points to the fact that our company participates in the chain of social responsibility of companies around the world using products from objectively certified forests in accordance with European criteria and requirements.

We'd like to recall that the company's products are manufactured from high-quality raw and other materials imported from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, China, France, Russia, and Belarus.

The passing of the forest certification means that PECHATNYA's packaging is completely safe and is made of cardboard manufactured from controlled wood. The latter means that all the forests that have been depleted for the production of cardboard are being restored. Five new trees are planted in place of every one felled.

The document was issued for five years, but during this time the certification authority conducts annual additional checks and audits for compliance with PEFC requirements.