Packaging for Toothpaste

Current market conditions are such that the demand for personal care products is largely dependent on how nicely the manufacturer presents them to the buyer. Therefore the question of the packaging attractiveness in this niche is very serious.

Packaging for Toothpaste

Traditionally, the cardboard box is used for packaging of toothpaste tubes. This packaging for toothpaste protects the tube against mechanical damage, ensuring its integrity and preserving the exterior appearance. Since before using the toothpaste the carton is usually thrown away, the manufacturers reasonably desire to use such packaging with maximum benefit. It should not only be durable and look nice, but it should also have useful information for the consumers. Choosing toothpaste in a store the consumer sees first of all the exterior cardboard packaging. Correct marketing approach to the packaging design ensures the consumer loyalty and profit for the manufacturers.

Special Features of Toothpaste Packaging Manufacture:

  • State-of-art printing equipment allows to make multicolor printing, choose the most optimum color scores for packaging design and create visually pleasing products.
  • Modern equipment is used for making the original design of the packaging.
  • To make transparent windows a special machine intended for pasting film on the cardboard is used. This design option allows the consumers buying the toothpaste to see not only the exterior packaging, but also the tube.

Bright and Colorful Packaging for Toothpaste

Original format, exclusive design and additional finishing options of the packaging will ensure the products attractiveness and make them recognizable among other goods in this category.

Cardboard boxes for toothpaste is the guarantee for preserving the marketable style of the products

Toothpowder had been used for brushing teeth for a long time. In the XIX century “tooth soap” appeared that was manufactured in the form of plates and pieces of various shapes. For its packaging paper and cardboard were used. But even then attempts were made to create a more user-friendly toothpaste. In 1873, Colgate started to produce toothpaste in tins, and in 1896 – in folding tubes. From the end of the XIX century, the whole world began to shift to the use of toothpaste, and in the 30-ies of the XX century it has become to be widely used in many countries. However, the manufacturers faced the problem of how to preserve the look of the tube in the ideal state during the transportation and storage. And the solution was found to use cardboard packaging protecting against mechanical damage.