Packaging for Soap

Packaging for soap must be made of pure materials without any harmful impurities, in such a way the soap will preserve the humidity and useful properties longer. Our Printing House has all necessary equipment for the production of high-quality cardboard p

Packaging for Soap

Packaging for soap should not only be durable and reliable, but also attract the attention of consumers. Even if the wholesale supply of packaging for soap is ordered, special attention should be given to its design. It is the original package design that is considered an important marketing category influencing the growth of sales. Containers for soap may be divided into the practical packaging intended for daily use products and exclusive (gift) packaging for elite goods. Different kinds of cardboard and finishing techniques are used in the production depending on the set goals and categories of products.

Special Features of Soap Packaging Manufacture:

  • Gift packaging for handmade soap may be ordered in our company. Using the capabilities of our equipment (foil stamping, hot stamping, UV-varnishing), we will make a cardboard box bright, expressive and sticking to one’s memory.
  • Multi-color printing allows to embody interesting design solutions and make the package more attractive to the buyers.
  • Applying of UV-varnishing not only helps to create a decorative effect, but also enhances the durability of the items. As a result the packaging becomes more rigid and resistant to exposure.

Cardboard boxes for soap is the guarantee for preserving the marketable style of the products

Are you interested in wholesale supplies of gift boxes for soap? We produce original and exclusive packages of various shapes, sizes and designs with different types of finishes.

Cardboard Box for Soap: History of Development

Initially, paper was used as packaging for soap, but everything changed as the cardboard and cartons production developed. The earliest cartons were manufactured of oval or round shape. To do this, a cylindrical wooden form was used. The cardboard was wrapped around it, and then the ends were fastened together. Then the bottom was glued to the rough piece and the cover was made. Of course, such packaging was absolutely not suitable for selling cheap soap because of the high cost. However, in 1879 American Robert Gair invented the technology of folding cartons manufacturing. He used sharpened press stamps to cut cardboard and blunt – to bend it. In such a way automated production of folding cartons was invented that made them more affordable.