Packaging for Wineglasses

A box for wineglasses should be made of high-strength and rigid cardboard that ensures the products safety. In addition, the packaging should have the appropriate cutouts that have the same shape as those of the product and the holes for the stems of wine

Packaging for Wineglasses

Durable packaging that protects the goods from damage during their transportation and storage, is especially important for such fragile items as wineglasses. In addition, a packing box for wineglasses gives an opportunity to demonstrate the goods to the buyers and create beautiful and presentable product design. A gift box for wineglasses, decorated accordingly will give the best fit for that purpose. In the manufacture of the packaging, special attention is given to the strength and reliability of the cardboard, as well as to the packaging construction. As a rule, special separators are provided for inside the box in order to prevent damage to wineglasses from contact with each other.

Special Features of Wineglasses Packaging Manufacture

  • Our equipment allows to use offset and stencil screen printing for decorating the cardboard boxes. In some cases, in order to create an original design of the packaging it is expedient to use both methods at the same time.
  • To create a beautiful design we recommend to use such additional methods of finishing, as coating with UV varnish, foil or relief stamping depending on the price bracket of the packaged products.

Exclusive Packaging for Wineglasses on a By-Order Basis

Our company offers gift packaging for wineglasses that will be original and unique decoration for these fragile products. The exclusive design will make your products recognizable and ensure good growth in sales.