Packaging for Industrial Products

PECHATNYA offers cardboard packaging for industrial products. Its high quality is ensured by the use of unique equipment that does not have analogues in Russia. The cost of production decreases with the increase of the print-run.

Advantages of industrial packaging

The company performs the following range of activities in the process of manufacturing industrial packaging:

  • development of the product drawing;
  • development of color standards;
  • development of industrial models for testing on the production and filling lines of the customer;
  • color proofing;
  • development of an original product layout.

In order to expand the scope of application of packaging for industrial goods, «PECHATNYA Printing House» uses the following technologies:

  • application of a blister varnish;
  • foil stamping;
  • coating with UV varnish, aromatic varnish and glitter;
  • application of varnish with tactile properties;
  • Braille embossing;
  • fold sealing of packs up to 6 points.

Durability and reliability of PECHATNYA's industrial packaging guarantees 100% safety of the type and properties of the customer's products at all stages of the pre-sale cycle: during transportation, storage and sale.

Depending on the specifics of products and budget, our specialists select the optimal material and produce a suitable package. For details or ordering please use the contact information provided on the site or the feedback form.