Packaging for Underwear

Any package for clothes should be made of eco-friendly, non-allergenic materials, and especially if we speak of the underwear. In the manufacture of such products experts of LLC «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA» use only natural ingredients that do not contain any

Packaging for Underwear

A gift box for underwear is intended for packaging of goods of quite expensive segment. Therefore, its main distinguishing features are the use of more qualitative and expensive raw materials, as well as stylish and original design. Underwear is a quite gentle and delicate product that has special need of packaging that protects it from dirt, dust and other exposures that can spoil the marketable style of the underwear. Furthermore, any packaging is used for the application of consumer information on the manufacturer and the product (its size, composition, etc.). The complete information enhances the credibility to the products and increases the sales.

Specific Features of Perfumes Packaging Manufacture:

  • Our company has the equipment that allows to use various types of cardboard and finishing in the manufacture of packaging.
  • Printing machines for offset and stencil screen printing are used in the production, that is why we are able to choose for each order the most appropriate decoration option.
  • To decorate gift and exclusive packages we use solid or spot varnishing, hot foil stamping, relief stamping and other methods of finishing.

Bright and Colorful Packaging for Perfumes

Cardboard gift boxes for underwear in all design styles may be ordered in our company. The original shape and interesting design of the packaging will make your products attractive and well sold.