Packaging for Tights/Stockings

Tights and stockings are the thinnest and “vulnerable” items in a woman's outfit. So packaging for these products must be made from thin but durable cardboard. On the packaging the size and full-color printing with pictures illustrating the appearance of

Packaging for Tights/Stockings

Cardboard box for tights does not only give the goods an attractive look highlighting them among similar items. It provides reliable protection for this article of clothing from damage, dust and dirt. At the same time the package must meet certain important requirements: effective demonstration of the goods, ease of use, storage and transportation.

For this purpose when developing the box construction special attention should be given to its size and shape which should be optimal for storage and transportation. And, of course, the important point is the design, that should contribute to forming a positive attitude towards the brand and promoting the product.

Special Features of Tights Packaging Manufacture:

  • Boxes with tipped transparent windows allow the buyers to see the goods without opening the packaging. These windows are made with a special machine for tipping the film on cardboard and paper.
  • For decorating the boxes we use multi-color printing and such techniques of additional finishing as blister varnishing, solid or spot UV-varnishing, relief stamping, hot foil stamping, etc.

Bright and Colorful Packaging for Tights

The original decoration of packaging for textile products will attract the potential buyers and kindle their interest in the products of your brand. We produce exclusive cardboard packaging with the optimum price-quality relationship.

Packaging for Tights: the History of Decoration

The invention of cardboard and the start of textiles factory production led to intensive development of cardboard packaging at the end of the XIX — the first half of the XX century. Manufacture of cardboard boxes became a separate craft, and the production of decorative packaging began to develop. In 1796 Alois Senefelder invented lithography being a technique of applying color images on the surface and it started to be used for decoration of the packaging. This technology allowed not only to beautifully decorate the boxes, but also to apply promotional images on its surface: trademarks, ornamental elements, emblems and even entire blocks of information on the manufacturer and product. In the middle of the XX century, when the tights were invented, decorative and advertising design of cartons provided a lot of possibilities.