Packaging for Bijouterie

Packaging for bijouterie and all kinds of accessories should be compact, neat and stylish. For accessories we offer small cardboard bags with full color printing and drawstring for comfortable wearing. A small box with a minimalist design and the logo on

Packaging for Bijouterie

A gift box for bijouterie is first of all original and sophisticated decoration for bijouterie. Therefore, one of the main tasks in the production of cardboard packaging for bijouterie is well-executed design that emphasizes the beauty of bijouterie.

In the process of production we use the equipment allowing to make boxes of any shape and size and to finish them in a variety of ways. Several types of packaging in different price categories for all types of bijouterie may be ordered.

Specific Features of Bijouterie Packaging Manufacture

  • Multi-color printing machines with the options of blister and UV varnishing allow to create bright and colorful packaging of the original colors, which will be nice decoration for bijouterie.
  • Additional finishing of cardboard boxes may be made by relief stamping, hot foil stamping, “gold-plating” and by other means.
  • The packaging boxes may also be made with a transparent window.

Exclusive Packaging for Bijouterie on a By-Order Basis

Are you interested in wholesale deliveries of gift wrapping for bijouterie? Please, contact us. We will help you to create a really beautiful, original and unique cardboard boxes for packaging of bijouterie.

Packaging for Bijouterie: the History of the Cardboard Packaging Invention

At the end of XVIII century in Europe and the U.S. packaging boxes were made from wood. At that time their production became a separate craft. As American Albert Jones created the technology of corrugated cardboard manufacturing in 1871, significant changes took place in the production of packaging. A few years later, corrugated cardboard, i.e. a new type of packaging, appeared. Firstly, cartons were round or oval and were made with a wooden cylindrical blank. That package quickly gained popularity among jewelers. However, the boxes were supplied ready for use and took up much space when stored. That situation changed just a few years later, in 1879, when Robert Gair invented the folding carton and that type of packaging became even more popular.