Packaging for Cosmetics Gift Set

Cartons for gifts should be bright and colorful and at the same time enough durable and easy-go-handle. Inks must not contain any harmful ingredients that cause allergic reactions. To order a cardboard box for gifts and cosmetics, do not hesitate to call
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Packaging for Cosmetics Gift Set

Cosmetics gift sets are one of the most versatile and convenient gifts that may be presented on almost any occasion. Special attention is paid to the decoration of such sets, and the bright and individual gift wrapping contributes to it. Sales of the goods in beautiful and originally decorated boxes are especially convenient for the shoppers. They acquire a ready-made gift that does not need further decoration. The design of gift packages differs depending on the season, i.e. the approaching holidays, and is intended to give a good mood and create a festive atmosphere.

Specific Features of Manufacture of Cosmetics Gift Sets Packaging

  • In the manufacture of gift cartons in bulk the optimal solution for creating the design is offset printing that ensures good quality of decoration at a relatively low cost
  • For beautiful decoration of packaging such additional methods are used as foil stamping, UV and blister varnishing, relief stamping, etc.
  • A transparent window is often used in the construction of gift packaging. To create it a special machine is applied that allows to tip the film to the cardboard.

How did the gift packaging appear?

People began to pack products many centuries ago, but the main purpose was to protect the products from dust, dirt, damage and other exposures. Later on inscriptions and pictures began to be applied on the package, but such inscriptions and pictures contained only general information on the product and its manufacturer. Gift wrapping supposedly appeared in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

For these purposes, paper and decorated tins, in which kids were given candies on the New Year’s were mainly used. With the invention of cardboard at the end of the XIX century, cardboard boxes which were wrapped in beautiful paper, decorated with drawings and inscriptions and tied with ribbons began to be used for gifts packaging. The lithography technique invented in 1796 by Alois Senefelder was the most popular, as it allowed to apply relatively inexpensive color copies on paper and cardboard.