Gift Packaging for Alcoholic Beverage

The ideal form of gift packaging for alcohol is the cylinder (or tube). Wholesale supply of gift packaging for alcoholic beverage may be ordered in the LLC «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA» at low prices. Making a gift of expensive alcohol, it is important to emph

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Gift Packaging for Alcoholic Beverage

High-quality alcoholic drinks are often presented as a gift. Such present is always highly appreciated, no matter what reason it is given for and who is the recipient. In order for a branded cognac or aged wine to look presentable, the drink should be packed in a cardboard gift box for bottles. An effective design will emphasize the high status of the present and express the respect of the donator.

A cardboard gift box will also perform advertising and image functions: it will encourage potential customers to buy and form a certain idea of the product. Furthermore, special packaging will protect the bottle from minor damage, moisture and sunlight.

Special Features of Bottles Packaging Manufacture

  • catchy, exciting design (as gift beverages should have an especially stylish look, so great importance is given to the design of boxes);
  • lack of transparent elements (many drinks partially lose their properties when exposed to the direct sunlight, so the package should be as covered as possible).

Exclusive Packaging for Alcohol on a By-Order Basis

Our company is engaged in the production of exclusive individual packaging for alcoholic beverages. Our company produces gift packaging for bottles at the manufacturer’s low prices. Such packaging will make your goods even more attractive.