Packaging for Alcohol

Cardboard boxes for wine, brandy and other alcoholic beverages reliably protect them from sunlight, dirt and mechanical damage. However, their main function is to create a presentable appearance of the goods. Packaging for alcoholic beverages may have dif

Packaging for Alcohol

During the Soviet era, when the segment of alcoholic beverages knew no competition, the shelves were filled with drinks identical in appearance and content. Color of the bottles, their format and design fit under the same standard and made the products from various manufacturers equal.

Today the situation has changed dramatically. With the emergence of a large number of brands and the liberation of the market from the monopoly of state factories, the rivalry between the manufacturers has become very tough. In the struggle for the client all possible means and methods are applied: gift cartons for alcohol, creative naming, extraordinary shape and size of bottles, etc.

History of Packaging for Alcohol

The domestic market of packaging materials for alcohol has a relatively short history. The first attempts to distinguish the products have been made by manufacturers in the early 2000-s. Then the factories began to apply self-adhesive polypropylene labels. Later the manufacturers started to use unusual glass containers for wine, so the consumers could not just buy a brandy or whiskey in a nice box, but put on the table an unusual bottle that was an element of spectacular table layout.

Now manufacturers combine different methods of promotion and popularization of their goods: expensive drinks are filled in bottles of exclusive shapes and sizes and are packaged in attractive boxes with imprinted, embossed, shiny and other elements. The structure of packaging is also very diverse and sometimes strikes with its extravagance.

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