New and unique printing and post-printing equipment of PECHATNYA Printing House, which has no counterparts in Russia

In 2014, PECHATNYA Printing House took a truly important step in its development and in the development of the Russian printing industry in general.

In 2014, PECHATNYA Printing House installed a new Rapida 106-8+LTTL FAPC ALV3 printing machine, manufactured by the German company KBA AG, a new BOBST Expertcut power registr 106 PE cutting machine and a Swiss BOBST Expert Fold 50A2 folding and gluing machine with the Accucheck automated quality control system at its production facilities. This equipment has no currently no counterparts in Russia!

We constantly strive to grow, and therefore, we have selected the most innovative equipment available. We guarantee that the technologies used by our suppliers are the latest innovations of the Russian packaging market.

Our efforts to anticipate the needs of our clients make us the best cardboard packaging manufacturer!

Rapida 106-8+LTTL FAPC ALV3 printing machine

- EIGHT-COLOR machine of the first format,

  • equipped with two lacquer inserts, UV lacquering functionality,
  • print format: maximum of 730х1050 mm,
  • sheet size: maximum - 740x1060 mm, minimum - 340x480 mm
  • printing materials: cardboard up to 550 gsm
  • print speed: 18,000 printed sheets per hour!
  • 1 infrared drying, 1 UV drying, extra-long feed

THE MOST UNIQUE FEATURE of Rapida 106-8+LTTL FAPC ALV3 is a multistage quality control system!

First stage is the Densitronic PDF - an automated corrector: it recognizes all errors on a printed sheet by comparing it to a PDF file, which was approved by the customer. During the comparison process, Densitronic PDF smart machine looks for discrepancies between what we printed and the approved file. It could be mottles, “lost” letters, tinting and any other extra or missing elements of the printed sheet.

Second stage - Ergo Tronic Color Control -customization and quality control during preparation for printing and printing.

Third stage: Qualitronic Professional - quality control system for print runs.

This system is equipped with the most powerful camera, which is capable of recognizing errors at the speed of 18,000 sheets:

  • The smallest changes in color hue.
  • Measures the changes.
  • Displays errors on a huge screen.
  • I ndependently corrects errors (according to requirements).
  • Marks sheets with discrepancies and provides us with a report at the end of the run.

The system is equipped with:

  1. The eyes - a video camera that recognizes all errors;
  2. The measuring devices - Qualitronic DotView measures changes of color when printing (change of tone gradation)
  3. The detectors - Qualitronic Color View - display measurement results during the run on a huge screen
  4. Report generating system - Qualitronic Quality Pass - creates color measurement protocols
  5. ErgoTronic ACR - color control and registration

All this guarantees a 100% transparent quality run. All possible errors are noted and corrected. The report is printed and attached to the checklist. It’s fantastic! No one can prevent the machine from finding an error.

Swiss folding and gluing machine Bobst Expert Fold 50A2. With Accucheck automated quality control system.

Technology for production of cardboard packaging is complex and must be thoroughly monitored. Our Printing House utilizes a 5-step process flow: pre-printing, printing, post-printing processing, cutting, gluing and packaging.

The first two steps solve the human factor problem with the help of automated control systems. However, the following two stages of the production - cutting, and folding and gluing - can be quite difficult, since during these stages, quality control is conducted manually and there is always a room for error.

We have completed the quality control system and added an extra control point to the gluing stage. We have decided to install the Accucheck automated quality control system. It is installed along the path of a work piece in the folding and gluing machine.

Bobst Expert Fold 50A2 folding and gluing machine.

  • gluing speed up to 450 m/min,
  • unfolded format from 40 to 500 mm,
  • HHS system bar code reader (helps avoid product regrading in 100% of cases),
  • HHS system for glue application monitoring (helps prevent inner bonding from coming unglued),
  • Carton Pack system (automatic packaging of products into corrugated boxes),
  • Accucheck Quality Control System

Quality control of packaging is as follows -Accucheck scans unfolded boxes and compares them to the template on the following parameters:

  • Color match (up to 1 ΔE),
  • PDF file match,
  • Adjustment of the drawing with cutting and creasing lines,
  • Stamping quality (presence of scuffs, scratches, spacing elements, etc.),
  • Rejection of the box if the comparison reveals non-conformity with the specified parameters.

We must note that the rejected box may not be used afterwards, as it is deformed during rejection process.

Thus, upon completing all the stages of the processing procedure, the packaging that arrives in the hands of our partners is of 100% perfect quality!

Equipment of PECHATNYA Printing House

Currently, the equipment of PECHATNYA Printing House consists of one КВА Rapida 106 (8) eight-colored machine, two six-colored KBA Rapida 105 and 106 machines, five BOBST cutting machines, and six BOBST folding and gluing machines. In addition, the Printing House has two machines for UV lacquering, equipment for window gluing, and equipment for hot foil printing. Medical instruction production department is equipped with Heidelberg printing machine, specialized cutting machine, and packaging equipment.

We would love to invite you to visit our Printing House and see our new equipment and its features with your own two eyes!