10 July, 2020

What is the strength of the company "PECHATNYA"?

✅ The production capacity of the company "PECHATNYA" – a Park of modern equipment with automatic options to control the quality from the best European manufactures with service support for remote access. Our suppliers include KBA, BOBST, Gietz, and Heidelberg.

⏩ The main Fund is 8 printing machines, blanking presses 8, 9 folding and gluing lines, 2 presses for foil stamping.
Additional equipment:

🔹 6 CartonPak systems for semi-automatic packaging of products;
🔹 high speed instruction counter;
🔹 3 folding machines, up to 6 gluing points;
🔹 2 high-speed thermal packaging systems;
🔹 UV coating station;
🔹 flexographic printing machine on tube laminate.

🔍 Also we have 2 systems of automatic control of the output quality ACCUCHECK. The third is expected to arrive this week. This system allows you to recognize the smallest defects at high speed and remove defective samples from the process.

💎 Company "PECHATNYA" one of a kind. There are no analogues of such a fleet of equipment in any printing production in Russia.