10 July, 2020

The Golden Fund of the employees

The Golden Fund of the employees

😎 The path to success is never easy. But the company "PECHATNYA" believes that it is much easier to overcome it with a team of like-minded people.

🎁 Before you get to the buyer, the packaging goes through several stages of transformation faceless cardboard sheet in a nice, convenient box. In complex and time-consuming process involved many people from various departments:

➡ this, the managers of the sales Department/support service order;
➡ it's amazing technologists, constructors, designers working on design and functionality;
➡ this is the purchasing Department provides the necessary raw materials;
➡ I then connect the areas of printing, embossing, cutting, seam-gluing;
➡ this at the end of the process chain box sent to the warehouse of finished products;
➡ this is then shipped copies to the customer.

🔎 Master OCC check the quality at every stage of production, despite the fact that the functionality of the equipment allows to do it automatically.

📈 When "PECHATNYA" was a small printing press and started the work orders were served only 30 employees. Volumes have increased, the status of the company has changed, and the staff has increased 18 times.

🏆 Today, the company employs 540 people, including professionals, awarded the title "Honored printing", "Printing excellence", awarded diplomas and gratitude from the Union of printing workers in St. Petersburg. This is our Golden Fund of employees.