17 February, 2020

Technical vision

Sharp vision is necessary not only for people, but also for machines, because it solves a number of important tasks in terms of high-quality visualization, in our case, the quality of products.

We would like to introduce you to our relatively recent acquisition. This is the "technical vision" on the folding-gluing section.

Specially for our company, we developed a system of "technical vision" in the direction of movement of cardboard packaging on the folding-gluing section.
A video camera with a control controller is responsible for the quality of the packaging, namely, how well the PET Windows are pasted into the cardboard packaging.
The camera scans the box scan, compares it with the specified reference, and if there is a discrepancy, the box is automatically rejected.

The range of tasks that video monitoring solves is diverse:
- rejection of products;
- checking the quality of packaging;
- checking the integrity of products;
- checking the quality of product Assembly;
- reduction of production costs;
- automation of technological operations;
- increase the productivity of the enterprise by increasing the speed of production of finished products;
- improving product quality by reducing staff contact with the product;
- 100% product control and product quality optimization allows you to plan and identify problem areas in time