2 March, 2020

Replenishment of the company's Technopark

 More than three years ago, a landmark meeting of the heads of two companies took place on the territory of the company "PRINTNYA" – the CEO of the Swiss company BOBST Group, Jean Pascal Bobst, and our CEO, Irina Rudenya.

The managers discussed innovations for the printing house, talked about the course for the future, which will help improve quality and productivity, as well as offer solutions that the consumer market needs today and tomorrow.

Over the past three years, several joint projects have been implemented for the supply of equipment.

One of the latest innovations delivered is the Bobst Expertcut 106 Per 3.0 die - cutting press with an expanded set of upgraded systems.

This machine is designed to further maximize productivity and reduce production costs in the cutting area compared to the previous model. Thanks to a set of intelligent functions, the new press is faster ready for operation, stable, reduces the amount of production waste and reduces the cost of tools.

The capacity of the machine is 9000 sheets per hour. An additional unit to the seven previously delivered, will give a minimum of 3.5 million sheets per month. This significantly affects the overall production time of the finished product.