15 March, 2018

Rebranding of PECHATNYA - is it the end or just a beginning?

Rebranding of PECHATNYA - is it the end or just a beginning?

For «PECHATNYA. Printing Solutions the year 2017 was marked by a change of the company's corporate identity. The logo was updated, a new slogan and brand colors came into use.

Rebranding was predetermined by a mighty push: the company expanded its production area, purchased and installed the latest printing equipment, complied with the requirements of partners and customers - large and well-known brands working in the pharmaceutical, perfumery, cosmetics and food industry. As a result, the company doubled its production capacities and moved to a new level.

The first demonstration of the new corporate identity took place at the RosUpack exhibition in June 2017. The second was at the recent Pharmtech&Ingredients exhibition. As the clients admitted, they did not immediately recognize PECHATNYA, but, after they got acquainted with the new us they noted the modernity of the logo, the European style and the overtaking of competitors.

In order to avoid untargeted customers and inquiries, we deliberately avoided the word “typography” in the new expression. From this moment, PECHATNYA is not just a printing house, it's a new positioning of PECHATNYA. Printing Solutions. Everything has been fused together - and this is how the translation of the company's new slogan sounds: "Industrial power with a human touch".

The firm's colors - violet and turquois speak of stability, confidence, deep meaning, and versatility. Graphic elements of the logo laconically emphasize clarity in the work; they speak about the strictness of quality control in the work. The finished restraint reflects the large-scale European level production operating in the B2B market.

The changes have affected the external and internal positioning. These are marketing activities (events, printing, corporate souvenir products, the company's media image, business documentation, clothing, etc.).

At the beginning of 2018, the first project for the implementation of corporate identity at construction sites was successfully completed. A flexo-section workshop was chosen as a pilot project. This work will continue over the course of this year.

The corporate site www.pechatnya.ru has also undergone significant changes. The basis was the study of the portals of competitors, partner companies and market analytics. The web-site has become more modern, “live” with a focus on European companies.

At this stage, the work on the implementation of the re-branding components has not come to an end. A new year means the start of new projects!