15 May, 2018

Publishers Day in St. Petersburg!

PECHATNYA's employees took part in the celebration of St. Petersburg Publishers Day.

This event was established by the Union of St. Petersburg Polygraph Publishers last year and was dedicated to the release of the first printed product of the Northern Capital - “Report on the capture of Novogeorgievskaya Fortress” on May 11, 1711. The publication was printed in St. Petersburg at Mikhail Avramov's printing house organized by personal decree of Emperor Peter the Great.

Starting May 11, 2017 at Peter-and-Paul Fortress, where the first printing house was established, festive events dedicated to the Day of the Press of St. Petersburg have been organized. Top place candidates in the printing industry perform an obligatory ritual - a midday shot from a cannon on the Naryshkin bastion.

We are glad to announce that this year the honorary right to fire the gun has been granted to our employees as well! For many years of experience and merit in the printing industry I. Tselnicker, E. Nikonchuk, O. Lagovskaya, S. Kurilov have been conferred to this honor.

Presentation of the awards and certificates is going to be held on May 22 at the hotel St. Petersburg.