17 April, 2017

«PECHATNYA» printing house starts flexoprinting

«PECHATNYA» printing house starts flexoprinting

"PECHATNYA" printing house opens a new printing services - flexoprinting.
In early April, the launch and the first testing of new equipment was carried out. The new equipment is Gallus ECS 340 (Switzerland).

The management of the printing house first came to know the novelty at the international exhibition Drupa-2016 (Germany) and, in fact, the choice was predetermined there. The decision was confirmed after seeing the equipment again at Gallus Innovation Days in Switzerland, where the equipment was presented in a new version.

Flexography is a new stage of development for "PECHATNYA". Before the company used to specialize in the production of cardboard packaging and instructions only. The double expansion of the production facilities, which was initiated last year, made it possible to start working in two more areas - the production of self-adhesive labels and printing on tube laminate.

Gallus ECS 340, installed in "PECHATNYA" printing house, is a narrow-roll 8-colour printing machine with a high registration accuracy and fast change-over. The unit is equipped with a die-cutting section and new generation UV dryers.  The equipment features a rail system above the entire machine, which is equipped with a cold foil or lamination station and a printing station on the back/glue side. The machine is also equipped with a section for corona treatment, the power of which is increased to 4 kW, making it possible to seamlessly seal the tube laminate. 

The printed sections are mounted on a granite base, ensuring high accuracy of printing in the absence of vibrations. In addition, granite is a natural material, its production does not pollute the environment.

A modern mobile touch panel simplifies the process of machine control and provides its most efficient operation.


The printing speed of Gallus ECS 340 is 165 m/min. The system works with paper, mono-films and multi-layer materials.  

For "PECHATNYA" the new project means new customers and increase growth of order volumes from the company's partners in pharmaceutical, perfume and food industries - major consumers of packaging materials.