7 February, 2019

PECHATNYA installs an intelligent storage system for finished products

The storage system for finished products warehouse with an area of 2000 sq. m. meters looks quite modest in folded boxes. In assembled form it strikes your imagination with its scale: 12 meters high, 19 rows of 5 tiers, for a total of 4,007 pallets.

This acquisition of PECHATNYA. Printing solutions would seriously help customers, as a large partner warehouse provides an opportunity to order products two to three months in advance with phased shipment. It is also important that at the moment not every printing company provides such a service as temporary storage, meaning that this is a competitive advantage of the company.

Pallet racks are gathered quickly and easily, and, besides this they are sufficiently reliable. One pallet place can carry up to 600 kg. Steel of the highest quality provides for their trouble-free service in various modes of operation for many years.

Another important detail is automatic control of the rack rows. A necessary opening is unlocked with the help of the control panel, leaving a technical passage for loaders that removes the required products.

The rack construction will allow PECHATNYA to efficiently use the warehouse's area to significantly minimize costs and organize effective accounting and control of stored products.

As the manual explains, the installation work at the enterprise is planned to be completed within a month.