23 September, 2016

Mr. BOBST shared his philosophy of success with «PECHATNYA» printing house

It was a personal meeting. This week Mr. BOBST - Jean-Pascal Bobst - CEO of BOBST Group and one of the descendants of the BOBST dynasty visited "PECHATNYA" printing house. The world-famous Swiss company is a long-time partner of the company, providing the printing house with innovative printing equipment. The meeting included the production site excursion and signing of another cooperation contract. 
The negotiations started with business presentation of "PECHATNYA" printing house. Irina Rudenya - Director General of "PECHATNYA" printing house and Quality Director Maria Slovtsova told the guests about the history of the company, its technical equipment, the company's competitive advantages and short-term plans.
BOBST Group is highly interested in the company's plans. "PECHATNYA" has started to implement a project on expanding its production facilities. By spring of 2017 there will run another cycle for the production of cardboard packaging, the instructions facility has already been additionally equipped with automated systems, and a flexogrpahic facility is going to be put into operation soon allowing printing of self-adhesive labels and printing on flexible tube laminate. The technological process is ensured with the use of equipment from the world's top manufacturers, including BOBST brand. In total the production and office space are going to be increased to 20 thousand sq. m.
The company features products closed-loop quality management system distinguishing it from the competitors. The technological cycle consists of five operations: prepress, printing, postprinting processing, cutting, gluing and packaging. The human factor issues have been solved by automated control systems monitoring the first two operations. These systems can ensure 100% quality of products manufactured by the company. "PECHATNYA" printing house enjoys a persistent superiority on the market. "PECHATNYA" is the only Russian printing company which can boast of the unique equipment installed on its facilities.
After the excursion Mr. BOBST shared the secrets of his company success. The Swiss business is a philosophy created throughout 125-year history. It is based on family values, succession of generations, technology and innovation. «"We must integrate these components into the behavior of each employee of the company," explained Jean-Pascal - "then success will be guaranteed!"» 
Today BOBST Group enjoys more than 50% of the world market of packaging products. The company is working in more than 50 countries, and its 12 manufacturing facilities are located in 8 countries. The total number of the company's employees around the world is about 5000 people. The strategic goal of the company is to become a technical leader No. 1.
The CEOs talked about one thing: leadership, ambition, innovation, investments in development is a very clear way forward, which will help the companies to increase efficiency and quality and offer required solutions to the consumer market.
The meeting between the two companies CEOs ended in signing a new contract on the supply of BOBST equipment. Jean-Pascal Bobst thanked for the warm reception and invited Iryna Rudenya - Director General of the "PECHATNYA" printing house to pay a return visit to Switzerland to see innovation centers of BOBST.