26 September, 2016

Manufacturing Journal about the PECHATNYA Printing House

Manufacturing Journal about the PECHATNYA Printing House

"PECHATNYA" printing house published an article in one of the major European publications – Manufacturing Journal (MJ) - writing about current business in various industries. The magazine focuses on such topics as: oil-and-gas, shipbuilding, automotive, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food industries and many others.

The magazine monitors continuous changes of productions and their adaptation to the new economic conditions and market opportunities. In recent years the publication has focused on the industry development in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Latvia.

"PECHATNYA" briefly tells MJ readers about the company formation, development results, cooperation geography, principles that contribute to the production of 100% quality cardboard packaging and instructions for pharmaceutical, food, perfumes, cosmetics and other industries. The advertising module highlights the company’s further development prospects – the company plans to intensify and expand its production by 2017.

One of our partners – SPLAT company – which places orders for production of cardboard packaging for the company products, has recommended us to participate in this European business publication. SPLAT is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional solutions in the field of oral care, non-household cleaning goods and children's make-up products.

The topic of opportunities open to Russian companies, actively implementing investment projects today, is quite interesting to foreign readers.

«The audience of Manufacturing Journal consists of chief executives, financial, commercial, technical and executive directors, acquisition and procurement managers of all European enterprises. The magazine is available by subscription in Europe and worldwide: United States, Canada, China, Japan, Brazil, Chile and India.

"PECHATNYA"’s advertising module in MJ will be published in 37 000 printed copies while 50 000 subscribers will get it in the electronic version.