23 January, 2017

Hot foil stamping-even more possibilities!

Hot foil stamping-even more possibilities!

"PECHATNYA" printing house is getting ready to install a modern automatic press for hot foil stamping providing our partners with new opportunities in the post-print processing of their orders.

Gietz company from Switzerland was chosen as a supplier of the equipment. The company is globally renowned since 1892 for its high-speed automatic hot foil stamping presses.

At the moment, the printing house is waiting for the delivery of the machine and is preparing the base for it. Once the installation work is completed, the press will be installed and aligned, the commissioning phase will start.

Switzerland is a symbol of quality and prestige, and all Swiss products prove this. Gietz FSA 1060 Foil Commander hot foiling machine can produce up to 8000 printing copies per hour, it provides post-printed processing of cardboard packaging for food and pharmaceutical industries or non-grocery goods.

350 tons of pressure at the maximum speed of the press gives additional advantages in the process of foil stamping and detailing of hot stamping. The output is an original package of the highest quality.

Additional advantages of the press are:

- patented Vacufoil foil feeding system, which allows the use of rolls of a large diameter foil at the maximum embossing speed;

- E-true SMART sheet Register, which compensates inaccurate image registration of the previous operation and defects on the patch with sheet positioning on printed register marks;

- possibility to make high quality coat holograms, micro hot stamping and microstamping due to the sheet delay under pressing up to 2 seconds.

Developers of Gietz presses guarantee a long service life of their equipment, since the design and technical stuffing are based on the experience of hundreds of users.

It is not the only equipment of such a type used by "PECHATNYA" in the foil stamping section. At the moment, the embossing work is carried out on SP 102 BMA press manufactured by BOBST (Switzerland).

«PECHATNYA» printing house started to buy new equipment already in 2014. The years of 2014-2017 are the next stage when the company plans to double its production capacities.